Why donít you play originals?


Do you want to hear originals?  Really?  Well then consider yourself unique.  And congratulations on your musical perception.  But the reality is that while we love composing and playing all kinds of stuff, the demand is for the tried and true.  And we also love playing it.  Sure we could slap a couple homespun tracks in there once in a while, but we also want to have fun and make sure youíre having fun.  And if that means cueing up Jumpin Jack Flash again . . . then call me Keef and letís roll.

Could you play some (fill in your favorite band name)?


YES!  We love requests!  We especially love it when you email us your favorites so that we can practice them before we try them out in public.  So send us your ideas!  (But to the fella who asked us to play Bohemian Rhapsody; um, dude, youíre insane.)

Why didnít you play that one song just like the recording I remember?


Ah, that would be the song with the blisteringly famous guitar lead or that unbelievable 13/9 to 5/7 timing shift or the 10 piece horn section or maybe that drum solo where Keith Moon exploded on stage at Montreaux.  Um, . . . . sorry.  We forgot that part.  Next time itíll sound e-x-a-c-t-l-y like the recording Ė even if it was a studio trick that took some sound engineer three weeks to weave together using a room full of mixers, a couple computers and a live goat.  Promise!

Do you think youíre gonna ďmake itĒ?


Uh, no.  We have real jobs and families and do this purely for fun.  Weíre older than dirt and not looking for a road tour any time. . . . Unless youíre an agent.  Are you an agent?  Can you get us a bus?  I can take a leave of absence from work no problem.  Iíve always wanted to see Biloxi!  Yeah, letís go!!

Does your band name mean something?


Itís a secret.  Weíd tell you but then . . .

(Actually, we could write a whole book about the pain and suffering of naming a band.  It would read much like ďA Day In The Life of Ivan DenisovichĒ.)

Do you ever play songs that you hate?


Well, we didnít want to say anything but thereís this one song that we do in every show.  It is just sooooo . . . ugh!  But people love it, so itís there.  Now you see if you can tell which one.

Why donít you play around this area more often?


Excellent question.  Talk to the folks behind the bar.  Thanks!



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