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Sean Bradley has been actively involved in the tri-state area music scene since the early eighties, playing mostly in rock cover bands in and around South Eastern Pa. Originally from Upper Darby Pa., Sean now lives in Wallingford Pa.

Primary musical focus is lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Most recently playing in an Acoustic/Electric duo band called Acoustic Edge with veteran Delaware County guitarist Andy Bonser.

Sean’s primary instrument is a pair of vintage 1958 vocal chords which first saw action in the delivery room of Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital. The guitar of choice is a 92 Martin D28 left-handed cutaway, played through a pair of SWR California Blonde Acoustic Amps.







Terry was inspired to play the bass after listening to Abbey Road (on 8-track, no less) way back in 1969.  While it took him a bit longer to get there than most, he is making up for lost time.  After a successful 5 year stint with the local band Right Turn at 40, he is excited to be making the floor rumble with Minds Eye View.


His influences range from classic rock bands such as The Who, Rush, Led Zeppelin, SRV, Booker T and the MGs, and Cream, to progressive bands like King Crimson, and Liquid Tension Experiment, as well as newer bands like Coldplay and the Foo Fighters.

Terry favorite bass players include all the usual suspects; Pino Palladino, John Paul Jones, Geddy, Duck Dunn, Entwistle, Tommy Shannon, and Tony Levin.

As for equipment, he favors the old workhorses like Fender Precisions and Jazzes.  Although being a "tinkerer", he always seems to have a cheap "project bass" in his basement in various stages of non-functionality..





Rich started playing drums at age 10. He received his first set of drums for Christmas and learned to play on his own!   Zoot, his first band in High School, played in a number of band competitions and won 1st place two out of three times.  From there he went pro, performing with The Arch Parker Band and playing for three years on the local club scene in the tri-state area and two summers in a row in Wildwood NJ.  Rich left music to pursue his own business as an electrical contractor, but the music in him could not be contained and he started playing again with a NJ based band called "Anomaly". The band went on to play the club circuit for three years.  After that, Rich was featured in a number of cover bands, playing everything from Blues to Top 40.


His drumming influences are John Bonham, Neil Pert, Jeff Porcaro, and Keith Moon.  


At age four, Mike saw Chet Atkins on television and begged for a "digga-tar" .  Eventually he got a "guitar" when he was 10 and played in a number of acoustic groups through high school and college.  

At 16 he helped lead the music for a worship group of over 100 teens at his church.  But then at age 24 he decided to buy an electric, his black ES 335, and so began a slow decline into Rock and Roll and distortion.  While he still keeps an acoustic at home, he is unfortunately hooked on power chords and blues riffs and cannot go more than a day or two without playing a full volume pentatonic scale.  

Over the years, his condition has worsened to the point where he plays Rolling Stones songs even for his children.  It is rumored that he has experimented with heavy metal, disco and worst of all jazz.  He has been in and out of musical rehabs without success.

Favorite Players: SRV, Hendrix, DiMeola, Kottke.

Guitars:  American Strat w/modified humbuckers, Std American Strat, ES 335, Epiphone Les Paul Ultra.

Amps:  Mesa Maverick

Musical wisdom - Don't play like me, son.  Just don't do it.


His percussion background probably explains his fondness for playing bass lines on the keyboard as well as his percussive piano and organ style. Yes, he is a fan of Ray Manzarek. Lou was the bass player (on the keys) for MEV in its initial startup, but wisely gave up that job to the clearly superior bass playing of "Hoff". You may also see Lou play bongos as well as the keyboard with The Faithful Band at St. John Chrysostom Catholic Church in Wallingford, PA, where he makes his home.

From 1976 through 1994, Lou played with the well know Delaware County based band “Daybreak”. Besides playing with MEV, he still occasionally plays with pick-up bands in the area. His favorite gig was the infamous annual "Strathmere Boogie" party, for which there has never been an equal. (Here's hoping that party gets resurrected, in memory of his good friend - the late great Vince McNally).

Like many musicians, Lou has a background in computer programming, and holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Widener University. He always thought there was good potential for a term paper on the topic of the relationship between music and computer programming, but never quite got around to it.  :)

Current rig: He uses a relatively newer model, Yamaha S90-ES with MEV, plugging directly into the PA. He plays a relatively old Ensoniq E-Prime with his church group, along with LP Aspire bongos and a no-name hand-made djimbe from Kenya. He hopes to pick up a set of Tablas some day.

Favorite artists: An ever changing eclectic mix that usually includes (but is not limited to) Acoustic Alchemy, Andrea Bocelli, The Beatles (inclusive), Beethoven, Tony Bennett, Jonatha Brooke, Jackson Browne, Coldplay, CSN(Y), ELP, ELO, Da Da, Tina Dico, The Editors, Pink Floyd, Inara George-(Bird and the Bee), Genesis, Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel, Elton John, Kaiser Chiefs, John Mayer, Joni Mitchell, Mozart, Joe Sample, Sarah McLachlan, Steely Dan, U2, The Who, Yes, Led Zeppelin.

Keyboard/piano influences:  There are many, but some notables are:  Tony Banks, Keith Emerson, Joe Sample, Chuck Leavell, Donald Fagen, Bruce Hornsby.  .  




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